The Ottoman Fortress of Rumeli Hisarı

It was the mid 15th-century, and although the Ottoman army had long since surrounded the city, Constantinople was proving stubbornly resistant. In order to more effectively isolate the Byzantine capital, the invaders hastily constructed the Rumeli Hisarı. This fortress along the Bosphorus is still in marvelous condition, and makes for a fun outing.

By running a heavy chain between Rumeli Hisarı and its Asian counterpart, the Analodu Hisarı, the Ottomans were able to prevent any of Constantinople’s northern allies from sending assistance to the beleaguered city. The fortress was completed in 1452, and a weakened Constantinople fell just one year later. A section of the original chain which helped break Byantium can be seen in the Military Museum.

We had already walked past the Analodu Hisarı on our way to Kanlıca, and hadn’t been terribly impressed by its meager remains. But the Rumeli Hisarı is another matter altogether. This fortress is massive, and a lot of fun explore. From the ramparts which soar high above the Bosphorus, you can enjoy some incredible views, especially of the nearby Fatih Bridge.

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  1. Mike

    Hi Juergen and Mike….I visited the Military Museum earlier this week.  I think the chain on display went across the golden horn, not the bosphorus…..I’ve tried to find some other reference to rumeli hisari and and the chain, but was unable to.  I think the castles on the Bosphorus fired cannons at their adversaries, which was novel at the time.  Mike

  2. Zaki

    hi, how were you going places back there in istanbul?you drive or you took public buses?what was the fastest way to go here from sultanahmet area?and how long do we need to enjoy the visit to this fortress?

    1. Mike Powell

      We took the bus here. We always made use of public transportation during our time in Istanbul… never rented a car. It’s a big fort, so I would plan at least an hour.

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