Istanbul’s April Showers

We had been suffering through some rough weather for weeks, but spring finally arrived toward the end of April. The bad weather had us a bit of an emotional rollercoaster — overcast days are not normally our thing, but somehow the clouds struck a melancholic note appropriate to Istanbul.

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  1. Maria

    There’s so much diversity, color and texture there.  Fantastic photo collection.

  2. Björk

    I really love your photos. I´m going to Istanbul in 2 weeks and your blog is maiking me crazy excited ! Btw I´m from Iceland and I love your blog from there also !

    1. Juergen Horn

      Thank you … you will have such an incredible time in Istanbul! Enjoy every second of it. Thank you so much for the compliments!!! Oh .. we just today talked about our favorites hikes in Iceland while hiking here in Macedonia! 🙂

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